Friday, September 18, 2009

Day Trippin' and WIP Update

Those of you who read my previous blog at Multiply, will notice the new photo I'm using for my new blog.  Yes, I stopped dying my hair a while back.  It just didn't make sense to keep spending all that money to cover up the white that I've had in my hair since my mid-20's (leaves more money for stash!)  So, yes, this is the 'real' me!  I'm also sad to say, I've gained about 20 lb. since my back injury. 

I want to share some photos from a day trip my hubby and I went on today.  We live in the beautiful state of Colorado, just a short hour drive from the gorgeous Rocky Mountains.  Today we took a trip to Estes Park, and into Rocky Mountain National Park, over Trail Ridge Road to the summit at Alpine Visitor Center...12,183 feet! 

No matter how many times we make this drive, it always seems like the first time.  The views are simply spectacular.  This is some of the snow left from last season on the mountain right beside the Alpine Visitor Center at the summit.

This is a view of the Gorge Lakes, Mount Ida and Mount Julian from Trail Ridge Road.

This is the view from Rainbow Curve, looking down at the curves up the side of the mountains that make up Trail Ridge Road.

Rocky Mountain National Park is a great place to see the wildlife up close!

On other occasions, we've seen herds of bighorn sheep.  Today we saw many groups of elk.  This group were grazing near the Fall River entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Look at that rack on the elk on the left!

The group below were at Moraine Park on our way out of the park, as we made our way back down into Estes Park.

We stopped in Estes Park after our nice drive.  Walked around a bit and bought some yummy caramel corn to munch on the way back home through Big Thompson Canyon (scene of the flood in 1976 that killed 144).  See an excellent presentation about the flood by the Coloradoan.

Oh, I almost forgot....on our way back to where we'd parked the car in Estes, we stopped in to take a look at the old-fashioned 'Five & Dime' store.  Guess what I found in the back corner?  A pile of all sorts of crafting pamplets!  A quick look through them, and I left with a couple bargains....Prairie Schooler "Garden Beasties" and "A Gardener's Life" by Karen Avery for Dimensions, for the bargain price of $3 for both! 

This stash addition makes me realize I really should dig out my Excel spreadsheet and update my stash list once again.  Dang, something else I need to do.

I also thought I'd post an update to my current project...It's the Gift Bag Melody by Dyan Allaire from Kustom Krafts.  I must admit, it feels GREAT to be stitching again!

Dyan's intention is for this to be finished into a gift bag.  I must admit, I am leaning toward putting the finished stitching on the side of a tote bag; we'll see how I feel once I get it finished up.

Once again, Happy Stitching...Vicki in CO


Gabi said...

These pictures are beautiful Vicki. Just lovely. Same for your Wip. Love those colors

Rene la Frog said...

Beautiful pictures. Reminds me of my trip there way back when.

Love the colors in the WIP...looking forward to watching it grow.

Trecie said...

Good to see you back posting my friend. the pictures were great. Felt like I was standing right there enjoying it too. Lovely work will look forward to updates

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

The pictures of your day trip are so beautiful.

Your WIP..that is so colorful and I love it already. I can't wait til I see more progress on this.

I love your Blog too.

Take care & Happy Stitching

AFwife99 said...

Beautiful! I love Colorado. My grandparents had a cabin in Estes Park years ago. It is breath-taking. Like the stash pick up too. I think an excel spread sheet is a good idea!

Nancy M said...

Thanks for the mini trip. I spend one summer in Granby working on a Dude ranch of all things! But the scenery out there is gorgeous! Glad to see the *real* you and have you posting again. It must feel great to be stitching!!! Welcome back!

staci said...

Hello! I saw your name in Gabi's comments and curiosity got me...I'm a Colorado girl too. And a Saggitarius!

Love your blog, will be back again :)

Katrien said...

Beautiful pics. Your WIP looks great

Meari said...

I think your hair looks really nice with its "natural" color. What a beautiful mini vacation you had. Love the pics!