Monday, February 18, 2008

Stitching Update

Because of my accident in January, my stitching time this past month has been very limited. However, here are updated photos of the small progress I made on a few current projects.

Even though I didn't actually finish anything this past month, I did manage to start a new project....the Lizzie Kate Double Flip series for 2008. I'm a hopeless serial starter.
I'm going to do them all together as shown here, complete with the great frame. I very seldom purchase a frame before I have finished a project, but in this case, I splurged.

I did make some good progress on Friends from the Lizzie Kate Christmas Blessings series from last year.

And, I almost completed January Snows from the Bent Creek Snapper series.
Alas, no progress on Queen of the Needle for the SAL on ILCS, or any of my other larger projects. Hopefully, as I stop needing so much pain medicine, I'll feel more like stitching.


In the past month, I've received a large number of wonderful get well cards from stitching friends, people at work, etc. I decided they deserved mention here.
While I absolutely love every single one I received, I must point out the stitched one from Sam from 'across the pond.' Isn't it just awesome?!
I received some gorgeous flowers from a couple of friends as well, but at the time, was too drugged to actually take photos of them before they died.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes, e-mails, cards, and prayers. They meant more than I could ever explain. You all truly touched me.
Today I managed to spend three hours at the office and actually accomplished quite a bit. Tomorrow I teach a class at 3, so that will be my only time at work tomorrow. I've only had two pain pills so far today, so I think I'm making progress. Slow but sure.

Until next time, Happy Stitching!