Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Week in Review


View of our back yard on Tuesday evening about 9 pm:

Before 5 pm on Tuesday, there was not a speck of snow in our yard.  This storm dumped at least 7" in a few hours.  Another winter storm predicted for tomorrow night and into Saturday.  We are now at a snow total of 61.4" so far this year.  An 'average' snow total for winter for our area is 32.6".  We have defiinitely had a banner year for snow this year.  Oh joy. 

Our house is supposed to be re-shingled on Saturday morning.  Maybe next week sometime?  It's supposed to be close to the 70's then.


We had a very nice visit with our son--we left home last Thursday about noon and returned home on Monday about noon.  We forgot this past weekend was March Madness, which meant DH and DS spent a good deal of the time we were at his house doing some serious male bonding watching basketball and hockey on TV. 

That wasn't ALL bad though, it gave me plenty of stitching time.  I listened to the first in the 'Outlander' series on my IPOD and was a happy camper overall.  Of course, the visit meant I made a big batch of chocolate chip cookies for DS (his very favorite). 


Bride's Tree SAL - March Finish!

First up is my completed March ornament for the Bride's Tree SAL. I stitched this design on the way to DS's and did the finishing today after work. The background in the photo is the fabric I used on the back of the ornment.
14 ct white AIDA
DMC Floss
Design from free booklet
with Cross Stitch Crazy magazine 

LHN Ornament SAL

I am STILL trying to finish Fa-La-La, the first in this new LHN series.  I tried to work on it at DS's but found myself frogging more than I was stitching, so finally gave up on it for the moment!  That 30 ct linen and I do NOT seem to get along!

Bouquet for Cheryl SAL

This is the project I stitched on the majority of the time we were at our DS's.  I am very close to being half finished now--woo hoo!   

Everyone Needs Their Own Space

This one is still my current obsession, but I did NOT take it to DS's, so I haven't stitched on it a great deal this past week.  But, some progress to show from my previous post about it.  I just adore this one!!

HAED Dragon Luck SK SAL

After struggling with doing this one 2 over 1, I finally gave up and frogged the entire thing.  I've started over doing 1 over 1 and it is going SO much better!  This time I started in the center of the design, rather than the top left corner.  Not a tremendous amount of progress to show as of yet, but it's a new start. 


I received a blog award from Evalina and also from Mare, but will wait to post about that next time.  Thank you both so much for thinking of me!!


I was the lucky winner of a giveaway that Evalina had on her blog to celebrate her 20th anniversary of living in North America.  The prize was a $20 gift certificate from your favorite ONS; of course I chose 123 Stitch.  I've not decided yet how to spend it; I want the purchase to be something I REALLY want!  Thanks SO much Evalina!!

That's it for this time. 

Happy Stitching!

Vicki in CO


Cindy's Stitching said...

Glad you had a good trip. Love all of the stitching pieces you are working on. The flowers are my favorite.

Tammy said...

Sounds like you had a great trip. All of your pieces are great.

Emily said...

Love all your stitching, and enjoy looking at your snow and not seeing it in my yard. LOL Glad you had a good trip to your sons.

Nancy M said...

Great update!! All your pieces have really shown so much progress! I can really tell that your back must be so much better now! The snow?? Please keep it! Glad that you started over with the 1 over 1.....if you like it better, you will actually work on it! I'll look forward to seeing more develop!

EvalinaMaria said...

Wow, no wonder we didn't hear from you for a while... You have been busy like a bee! I love your stitching, congrats on progress on all WIPs and a new start.

And the snow??? You have more snow than I do! But I bet yours will melt in no time, I'm stuck with mine for another month or so...

Shelley said...

Happy to hear you had a successful trip to visit DS.

Your stitching finish and WIPs look wonderful.

Congrats on the reward.

Carolyn NC said...

Your trip sounds like it was such fun - glad it went well. Your stitching is amazing - love the finish and all the progress on your WIP's! And 61" of snow???? Hope it's gone soon!

Mel said...

Glad your trip was good.

Lovely stitching work and congrats on the win! :)

Katrien said...

Great updates on your stitching.

Debbie said...

You definitely have received all of our snow...sorry..
Your stitching is beautiful

Janaina said...

Ohhhh... dont give up on Falala! Its such a sweet design! =)
Hugs from sunny Brazil!

J Rae said...

I hope you start seeing some signs of spring soon after such a winter full of snow and more snow.

Sounds like you had a good visit with your son. Glad you made it back home safely.

Your needle sure has been flying. Keep up all the good stitching. :-)

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Wow - great progress! You can sure keep the snow - it's positively Spring-like here now in the UK :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time with your son. Lovely updates on your WIPs.

You have more snow than we do in Canada.


Kay said...

My goodness you got a lot of stitching in as always! You did get quite a bit of snow this week. Before you know it all the white stuff will be gone and spring will roll in! Glad to hear you had such a wonderful visit with your son.

Tricia said...

Beautiful stitching! And congrats on your win. How fun to have a reason to go stash shopping!

Cathy said...

Beautiful stitching updates. Love Cheryl's Bouquet.

Meari said...

Sounds like you had a nice visit with your son.

Wow, 7" of snow. I'm hoping we're done with that stuff for a while. 70's this week here. :)

Great stitching, and congrats on the giveaway win!