Sunday, November 15, 2009

Life's Craziness and a Little Stitching


Ok, I asked for your help in choosing fabric for this SAL.  I had narrowed it down to 'Ray of Light' (pale yellow) or a Silkweaver Solo (a soft lavender).  Here's how you voted:

Ray of Light - 8
Lavender - 9

Very close, no wonder this choice was giving me so much trouble!  So, lavender it will be.  Thanks for everyone's input!


My goodness, my life has been crazy lately!  Saw my eye doctor this past week for my annual check-up.  I am extremely nearsighted and have worn bifocals since I was 5 and trifocals for over 20 years.  My doctor has been watching my cataracts for about 10 years now, prolonging surgery until they were bad enough to warrant it.  Well, the time has come.  So, I'm scheduled for surgery on my right eye on December 3 and December 10 for the left one.

Now, don't forget, I'm scheduled for back surgery on December 14.  So, for the cataract surgery to take place, I need approval from the back surgeon.  He's out of town until some time this next week. 

Considering my job (at a University), December is the best time of the year for all of this health stuff.  So, I'm hoping it all works out.  DH and I are scheduled to go to the hospital this Thursday morning for a class about the surgery. 


We celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary on Thursday, November 12.  My wonderful DH brought me the most beautiful bouquet of pink roses to work.  It is in the most unusual vases I've ever seen; Ijust love it! He is definitely a keeper!

That evening we went to Olive Garden for a nice dinner.  Looking forward to many more years together.  We agreed on 126 years when we got married, so we still have a lot of years to go.


ILCS list (my very favorite stitching list), is doing 'UFO Tuesday,' which will hopefully help me dig out some of the numerous UFO's I have hidden away in drawers and closets and get them finished.  So, for the first UFO, I chose a cute Lizzie Kate design I started quite some time ago, 'Fall Y'all.'  Here's a photo as it appeared when I stitched on it last, way back on 9/30/07!

And here's how it looks after some stitching on Tuesday evening. 

Can't see any change?  Well, I did do several rows of his face, but the color is so light, it really doesn't show up much in the photo.  Maybe I'll manage to get his face finished up this week, we'll see.


I did put a few stitches in 'Snowman Welcome Banner' that is for our son for Christmas.  I need to get busy and get this done--I have a long way to go! 

I also managed to finish up a Christmas ornament for a swap on TGOSM list.  Now to find the proper size small box for mailing!  I hope she likes it.  The fabric is opalescent, but the sparkles do not show up in the photo. 


On Tuesday at 7:20 am, I got a call from the movers at work, saying if I was ready to move, they had time that day to do the move.  If not, it would be several weeks before they would be able to come.  I didn't have a single thing packed, I figured it would be a month before they got around to me (I'd just put in the moving request on Monday!), but, thought with the way December was going to be, better to get it done now.  So, called my DH to come help me (sometimes I love that he's retired!). 

We packed up the basic things the movers don't do, like desk drawers, things on the wall, contents of bookcases, etc.  They soon had the furniture moved and placed in my new office.  Wonders not ceasing, the IT person showed up just about the time the movers finished and got the computer, scanner, and phone all moved and hooked up for me.  Incredible!

I'm still trying to unpack and organize, so won't post photos of my wonderful new office until probably next weekend.  I am in heaven, finally having my own private space!

DH and I spent almost 6 hours at my office on Saturday, sorting through my department's storage closet, packing up items for shredding, reorganizing, and condensing and reorganizing.  We weren't able to finish, but will probably work on it again this Wednesday. After the move, and all the cleaning and sorting on Saturday, my back and down my legs are just killing me.  I sure hope that surgery can relief the pain.

I'll be spending tomorrow and Tuesday in Denver at a vaccine course, taught by CDC vaccine educators.  I hope the roads are ok after all the snow we've had the past couple of days.  Our roads are pretty good, so hopefully the highway will be okay.

That's the news for now from my little corner of the world. 

Happy Stitching!

Vicki in CO


AFwife99 said...

I could see a difference in Fall, Y'all! It looks like fun. Hope that the weather holds out for you, and all your medical stuff gets done with no bumps in the road. Congratulations on your anniversary! Yay!!!

Cindy in MA said...

Congrats on your anniversary. My thoughts & prayers are with you through all your surgeries.

Hang in there

Cindy in MA

staci said...

Wow, you sure have a lot going on! Best of luck with your surgeries. Congrats on your 38th Anniversary, what a milestone! And all your stitching looks wonderful...that ornament is fabulous!

Mel said...

Will be thinking of you through December with your surgery.
All your projects are looking great!

Meari said...

Wow... Lots of surgeries coming up for you. Speedy recovery thoughts coming your way.

Your stitching looks great. Yes, I could see progress on the scarecrow :)

Happy Anniversary to you. Beautiful flowers!

Deb said...

Good Golly, You have a lot going on! Sounds like you are handling it all really well.
Good luck with the surgeries.
Congrats on your anniversary and your new office.
Fall Y'all is coming along--he's a cute little guy. I love the Snowman Welcome Banner.
Joy and Blessings.....

Carolyn NC said...

Great stitching! Congrats on the anniversary and glad you got your office moved. Good luck with all this surgery in Dec.!

Nancy M said...

Health stuff?? I guess that comes with the aging territory. Although I don't want to admit that either. I hope all goes well with all of them. I guess you better have all your holiday stuff done before then. Congrats on getting a new office and on your anniversary. Take pride, not to many people have that accomplishment. Good luck with the UFO's, each week you will see progression and soon you will have less UFO's!!!

Rene la Frog said...

LOVE the ornament. How do get the ribbon like that?

Good luck with both surgeries.

Shelley said...

Happy Anniversary!! I hope that your cataracts surgery is able to take place before your other surgery. It would be great to get it all over with quickly so you can start to recover and get back to 'normal'. Your UFO is darling.

Brigitte said...

Your stitching looks great. Very nice progress.
There's a lot going on in your life. I hope your new office is exactly as you want it. And I wish you all the best for the upcoming surgeries.